Montrose Technologies Sees Increase in Laboratory Vision Inspection System Sales

(Ottawa, ON) Dec. 2020 Montrose Technologies is seeing a more than 100 percent increase in their SnapQC At-Line Measurement Tool sales for Q4/2020. The SnapQC provides quick, consistent measurements results using machine vision inspection. As more and more producers begin the process of acquiring in-line and over-line vision inspection systems, the SnapQC allows management personnel to fully understand the capabilities of a calibrated vision inspection system. Systems may also be used to periodic spot checks, third party or corporate evaluations as well as for new product study and development.

Montrose Technologies is a leading supplier of automated vision inspection, rejection and intelligent material handling systems.  Its proprietary 2D/3D color imaging engine provides accurate size, shape, and color information for fast moving objects of any orientation.  With over 250 systems installed worldwide our customer list includes many of the biggest names in the food industry.